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4 Major Benefits Of Laser Eye Surgery & The Impact On Your Career

If you need to wear glasses or contact lenses, you may well have asked yourself if laser eye surgery is right for you. For many people with poor eyesight the idea of a permanent solution to correct their vision is an attractive proposition. The cost and any potential risks may need to be considered but the ultimate gains can change your life. Let’s take a look at four of the major benefits of undergoing laser eye surgery, whether it’s for vitrectomy or other reasons.


Free From Glasses And Contact Lenses

If you are a long term user of contact lenses or glasses, you will know how inconvenient they can be at times. As far as contacts are concerned there is all the cleaning and storing processes and the need to continually replenish them and any solutions required. If you ever damage a lens, drop it or even swill it down the wash basin, you will appreciate how frustrating this can be for you. As far as glasses are concerned, there is always the worry of accidentally damaging them or losing them whilst you are out. Be sure to understand the necessary recovery period.

Enjoy More Sports And Activities

There are some sports and activities that are restrictive if you wear contact lenses or glasses. For instance, swimming can always be a problem if you have contacts as you could lose them in the pool and there can be a greater risk of eye infections. If you just wear glasses, any type of impact sport could be dangerous if you keep them on and the chances of them being knocked off by a ball or some other object is always a concern. Laser eye surgery will mean you can enjoy these activities and potentially improve your performance.

Increased Self-Confidence

As you can enjoy greater freedom to take part in more activities, this will increase your self-esteem. The fact that you will no longer have to think about packing your contact lenses if you are going away or need to make sure you have your glasses with you, will help you to feel more confident and relaxed. It may open up new opportunities such as certain careers where perfect eyesight may be a prerequisite. In addition, you may find you are more competent at certain tasks such as driving when you are tired, as contact lenses can be dry and sticky when they have been worn for a few hours.

Permanently Better Eyesight

Finally, a big advantage of undergoing laser treatment is that your eyesight will be permanently enhanced. In most cases this means you will have perfect vision in the years ahead which makes it a very appealing option. The fact that this is also a quick procedure whereby you can enjoy the benefits of your newly restored eyesight almost immediately will be an added incentive. The way that the procedures have progressed since they started has led to fast and effective treatments.

So if you are considering whether laser eye surgery is right for you, these benefits may help you to make a decision.

Tips On How To Become A Land Surveying Expert

Becoming a land surveying expert is great as long as you are aware of what steps to take. Many people want to become land surveying experts but are not sure about how to begin. This read will provide a good look into what it takes and how to progress in a manner that is quick and reasonable.

land-surveying-expertThis information should help in the short and long-term for those who want to push down this path as soon as possible.

Use these tips to make the best decisions for your career.

1) Begin With Survey Science Degree

It all starts with a degree in Survey Science or an equivalent amount of examinations. These examinations are going to be set by the regional board and come on top of the licensing exams. It is recommended to go down the Bachelor’s degree route as it will be easier and structured.

It can also save a lot of time for those who are hoping to become land survey experts and want to do it as soon as possible.

With this degree in hand, it will become easier to make a decision as to what you want to do in the future and how it is going to be done.

2) Complete Three-Year Experience Requirement

The next thing you have to focus on is getting signed up with a good company that will be able to take you under their wing. You are required to have three years of experience, so you will want to go with those who are going to give you tremendous knowledge during this period and will help you with the exams as well.

Most companies (private and public) will hire a person after they have gone through this process.

It is best to work hard during this period and continue to study.

3) Obtain License With Regional Exams

In America, a person is required to take exams along the way (during the three-year period) to move forward with their career. Until this license is approved, a person will not be able to survey land in a legal manner. Therefore, it is important to get this licensing as soon as possible to get in front of one’s career.

By the time these exams are being written, there will be a substantial amount of experience under one’s belt that will make life easier. These licenses allow you to perform topographic mapping surveys for clients.

This is a lucrative career with fantastic prospects for those who are ready to venture down this path. There are many needs for land survey experts, and that is why a person should be patient and go through these tips one by one. Those who do this are going to end up getting the dream job they have wanted to sign up for.

A land survey expert is always going to be needed in America because there is a substantial amount of work that has to be done in various places and without these experts, the work won’t be able to start.

How To Choose A Chicago Home Appraiser

If you are starting the process of selling a property, one of the first things you need to do is find out the fair market value of the property. This is absolutely essential to make sure that you do not over or under price the property in the initial marketing process. It is also vital to make sure that you have the right expectations about what can be achieved given the local real estate market and current demand for similar properties.


Choosing a home appraiser is very important at this stage of the process as it is the foundation of all the marketing and selling processes that follow. The following are the most important factors to take into consideration.

Area Of Service

The property appraiser that you choose has to be extremely knowledgeable of the local property market. There is no advantage to hiring an appraiser from Bloomington when the property you want to sell is in Chicago. Local knowledge about what similar homes sell for, and what the neighborhood selling points are is one of the biggest factors that can influence a house price.


Make sure you hire a real estate appraiser that has at least 10 years’ experience in the Chicago area. It is also important that the person who will actually call to view the property for appraisal has that experience. Many real estate companies advertise their decades of experience, but when it comes to the actual appraisal, they will send out a junior agent. If you are paying top dollar for an experienced appraiser, then you should demand the same person to be doing the work. Look at ChicagolandAppraiser.com for more info.


Wherever possible you should ask for references or check with family and friends whether anyone has experience with the company. Ideally you should try and contact 5 people that have dealt with the appraiser and ask them questions about how accurate the appraisal was versus the actual selling price and how easy the person was to deal with for follow up and clarifying questions.


value-of-a-homeThere are many ways for real estate professionals to become qualified appraisers. Some go through extensive college bachelors and masters programs, while others opt for the industry certifications. Before you choose an appraiser you should ask for the qualifications of the person doing the appraisal. Such certifications are commonly displayed on office walls and absence of them should sound alarm bells. If they are not publicly displayed then ask to see them.


This is a topic that was left until last as the fee being charged should not be the driving factor. Spending $100 more than the average fee can pay off if the actual appraisal is more accurate and realistic and the service is professional.

While there may be some companies that charge significantly less than others, you should be aware that a lot of time and effort goes into a proper appraisal. If you go for the rock bottom price then that person will be encouraged to spend as little time as possible reducing the level of service and accuracy.

Most effective tools for keeping your important content organized

To make use of best practices online, you need to know how to organize your content properly. Whether you need to organize your content for advertising campaigns, other professional projects, or personal projects, making sure to keep your content in a structure you can quickly access and understand is critical for long-term success and usability as you develop various projects.


The Basics Of Online Content

When creating any project, you need to have a content outline. This outline keeps your project organized and on the correct path. Whether you are creating a website or writing a book, make sure to review your content outline often to verify you are producing the correct content for the project.

In many cases, the content outline on a website should follow a path to make it easy for search engines AND users to understand what your content is about. Start with broad content and continue drilling down further until you are as detailed as you need to be with the content on your page.

How Do You Organize This Content?


To provide an example structure, let’s look at how you could organize content if you were (1) writing articles on your own website and (2) submitting articles to other sites.

You will begin with a folder that will be specifically for content you will write. There will be two folders inside of that one. One will be specifically for website content, and the other will be for submissions. Inside of those folders, you will then designate where the content is going to go. In the website content folder, there will be individual folders for each website or page you want to build. In the submission folder, there will be a folder for every place that you will submit this content, allowing you to keep track of everything.

Finally, it is important to keep all of your content further organized. You can create an Excel spreadsheet or other tracking document to use to keep track of your content for your website and everywhere you send to. Additionally, you could use Sorc’d software to organize everything if necessary. If you use a spreadsheet, you will be able to track which content is bringing the most visitors, and also, see where most of the visitors end up.

Once you have this system set up, you should have no problem at all monitoring everything. Your ability to track your content and the results that you get will mean the difference between failure and success.

Tools For Organizing Content

Depending on your goals, you can use a variety of tools for content curation or aggregation. If you want to simply aggregate your content and compile it in a specific area, it would require less work on your part than if you were to execute content curation in some fashion. Many people are making use of an online content curation app to solve their needs. Regardless of what you decide, making use of some structure is bound to make your job easier.


The Importance Of Quality Content

It is recommended that you use excellent content, regardless of its purpose. Even if you plan to submit to blogs, article directories, and other locations, using high-quality content is a must. If a person reading the content is motivated by its quality to click the link to see your actual website, this is reason enough to make sure that these articles are also of high quality. It is recommended that you use a tool like a speech-to-text software program so that you can write as fast as possible. The speed at which you are able to do this work will also play a large role in how much success you will have with this endeavor.

Quick tip for organizing content

Content organization does not need to be difficult. In fact, depending on how you are doing it and with what tool, it can be a super quick and easy process.

The video I’ll share below will outline one strategy for effectively organizing your content online with tags using a program called Evernote. Take a look and let me know if any of it doesn’t make sense!